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Level 2 confinement Laboratory

A level 2 laboratory (L2) allows the performance of experiments with biological agents presenting a disease risk to man, for which transmission is unlikely. There is an L2 laboratory at the hospital and another at the Faculty of Medicine. Maintained at negative pressure and protected by a double pressure lock, these two L2 laboratories provide a work environment at low pressure with HEPA filters and type II PSM hoods, which make it possible to handle:

  • Non-genetically modified risk group 2 microorganisms (which may cause disease in humans, but are unlikely to be released into the environment, are without risk to the community, and for which effective treatment and prophylaxis are known).
  • Genetically modified risk group 2 microorganisms in which vectors or cloned sequences do not increase the risk level.
  • Genetically modified non-pathogenic or risk group 1 microorganisms bearing either genes coding for proteins with limited pathogenicity or large genome fragments of risk group 2 microorganisms, Ea2 or Ep2.
  • Animal cells expressing a risk group 2 virus or Ea2.
  • Animal cells harboring expression vectors with genes coding for proteins with limited pathogenicity or fragments of unknown animal or human genomes or large fragments of genomes of risk group 2 microorganisms or Ea2.
  • Plant cells and transgenic plant cells producing Ep2 class viruses.

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