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Imaging Platform

The imaging platform has been ISO 9001 certified since April 2014.

It is divided into two sections, sample preparation and optical microscopy.

Sample preparation

  • Production of paraffin blocks and sections and staining for optical microscopy
  • Production of EPON resin blocks, semi-fine sections and preparation of grids for transmission electronic microscopy (TEM).

The platform is equipped with:

  • 1 automated tissue processor (Milestone Logos)
  • 1 embedding station (Thermo Scientific HistoStar) 
  • 1 manual microtome (Shandon Finesse 325) 
  • 1 Cryostat (Leica CM3050S)

Optical microscopy

The imaging platform has three microscopes:

  • 1 Axioplan 2 microscope
  • 1 AxioImager M2 microscope
  • 1 LSM 510 Meta confocal microscope

The observations in electron microscopy are carried out on the LISA platform.

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