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Flow-Cytometry Platform

Flow cytometry is a technique for individual quantitative and qualitative characterization of particles, molecules, or cells. It also allows cell sorting, which is the physical separation of specific subpopulations from a heterogeneous population.

The flow-cytometry platform has been ISO 9001 certified since May 9, 2011.

The platform has a cell sorter with four lasers (BD Influx Sorp) and two analyzers (CyAn ADP LX7 and BD Fortessa X20) to characterize and isolate elements present in the sample.

The services offered by the cytometry platform include cellular immunology tests which allow:

  • identification of cell sub-types
  • characterization of the cell cycle (distribution of cells in the different phases)
  • testing of drug resistance (proliferation, apoptosis)
  • cell sorting

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