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   Alain LUCIANI

  PhD, MD, PU-PH,

Hepatic tissue and cellular imaging and translational imaging of liver cancer


Imaging is essential in the management of cancer, especially liver cancer. The optimization of imaging, mainly by the use of cross-sectional imaging techniques, allows both morphological and functional assessment, enabling the extraction of information directly from functional and cellular tissue (cellularity, vascularization, angiogenesis, spectroscopic quantification) within tumoral lesions.

The research and development topics of the research group in translational imaging concern primarily the optimization of non-invasive imaging techniques for the preclinical detection of cancer and the study of transformation mechanisms by imaging in vivo.

Three research topics are currently being explored:

  • Diffusion-weighted MRI Imaging, magnetic resonance spectroscopy, and the study of OATP (organic anion transporting polypeptide) receptors (membrane drug transporters) of the liver.
  • Optical autofluorescence imaging for the study of hepatic parenchyma and hepatic nodules. This research project is carried out in collaboration with an industrial partner (Nodea Medical) and the Departments of Anatomic Pathology, Digestive Surgery, Hepatology, and Medical Imaging of the Henri Mondor University Hospital Center (CHU- Henri Mondor). The objective is the development of new fluorescence imaging tools devoted to hepatic exploration. This project received financing from the ANR for the period of 2015-2017. 
  • Interventional Radiology. This project is carried out by Dr. Vania Tacher, MCU-PH, under the supervision of Pr. Hicham Kobeiter, PU-PH, and aims to optimize the techniques used for the targeting and destruction of hepatocellular carcinomas.

TDM imaging in spectral decomposition:
iodine / water mapping illustrating iodine enhancement in CHC nodules

Team Members

  • Aurélie Rodrigues, PhD
  • Vania Tacher, MCU-PH


  • GE Medical System TDM imagery, Siemens Healthcare Erlangen 
  • Nodea Medical Optical Imagery Development, Philips Healthcare
  • Medical imagery department, Henri Mondor Hospital