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  PhD, MCU-PH, MD,

Characterization of the immune

microenvironment of HCC


Dr. Julien Calderaro is an Associate Professor University-Hospital Practitioner in the Department of Pathology of Henri Mondor Hospital. He is specialized in medical and tumoral liver pathology. His research interests include the study of early mechanisms of hepatic carcinogenesis, the relationship between hepatic tumor phenotype and its molecular alterations, and the involvement of the immune microenvironment in tumor progression.

Hepatic carcinogenesis is a sequential process, and the molecular alterations involved in tumor progression are complex and varied. This molecular heterogeneity is associated with considerable phenotypic heterogeneity, with multiple histological variants reported. One goal of Dr. Calderaro's work is to determine the relationship between the microscopic aspect of hepatocellular carcinoma and its various molecular alterations. In situ image analysis approaches are also being developed to identify the various immune components of the tumor microenvironment.

Team Members

  • Cong Trung Nguyen, PhD
  • Fatima Texeira-Clerc, INSERM Research Fellow


  • Fouad Lafdil, INSERM U955